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Supporting the next generation of votech students, in memory of Michael & Olympia DeNittis

Two years ago my grandparents, Michael & Olympia DeNittis, passed away 32 hours apart after 67 years of marriage.  They were 94 and 95, childhood sweethearts who earned their living as a seamstress and cabinet maker.  You can read more about their incredible story here

In their memory I have created a memorial scholarship fund - for the next generation of votech students.  My goal is to support students who embody my grandparents' spirit and work ethic as they pursue trade or vocational education.    

There are so few scholarship opportunities for students who pursue trade and vocational school - our next generations of plumbers, electricians, etc. - that I thought this would be a great way to honor their memory and support the next generation of the people who aspire to fulfill these important roles.  


Our Story ...

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